Episode 19: Pheromones & Pharmaceuticals

Cold Case #1: Who is the Oakland County Child Killer that murdered four kids in 1970s Michigan? Was he a member of the freshly uncovered multi-state child pornography ring, and does he still dwell among us?

Cold Case #2: In 1982 Chicago, seven people died within minutes of ingesting over-the-counter Tylenol pills spiked with cyanide. Who was responsible: an extortionist with a grudge, a gun-happy bar patron, or the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski?

Miscellany: Shout outs, an update on “Folie à Deux: Part 2,” some tasteless Jon Hamm talk, brief but unfortunate singing, and a podcast recommendation for “It’s About Damn Crime.”

Theme: Cold Cases

Too Macabre Ladies