Episode 15: The Art of Fraudulent Forensics

Gregory Taylor spent 6,149 days (16.8 years) in prison for the 1991 murder of Jacquetta Thomas -- a conviction solidified by fraudulent testimony by North Carolina blood-splatter analyst Duane Deaver (the very same Deaver of “The Staircase” infamy.) He was innocent.

Cameron Todd Willingham was convicted and executed for a house fire that claimed the lives of his three young daughters, but the forensic arson investigation was an exercise in mysticism, not science. Lisa rants extensively about Rick Perry, who impeded inquiries into how arson is scientifically investigated in Texas in pursuit of political gain. 

Bonus: Porscha tells a delightful story about how she silenced a deli worker who catcalled her while she was wearing her Dateline shirt. (Our apologies to Rick Moranis, Petey Pablo, and anyone who hasn’t seen the end of Dexter yet.)

Theme: Bad Forensic Science.

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