Episode 11: Lice & Slice at Marriott McEngland

The story of the Attila Ban double murder in a London hotel challenges all the assumptions you’ve never bothered to make about the seemingly finite uses of a box-spring mattress. Lisa talks riots, poppers, and an accidental mixture of kittens and candy. Up next, a detective commits to solving the murder-rape case of a mother and her two children by conducting an experiment on the migratory patterns of loose pubic hair in multi-person households. Porscha tells how pubic lice, pubic hair, and public servants worked together to secure a 357-year sentence for killer Kirby Anthoney. Plus: A speculative disagreement about Beyoncé’s position on the owl theory and shout outs to new Patreon supporters! (PS: Climate change is real, y'all! Sorry about the sniffles.) Theme: Impressive Murders. 

Too Macabre Ladies