The Show

Too Macabre Ladies is a true crime podcast that’s much too much…featuring two themed stories per episode, black humor, wild speculation, social awareness, the perspective of women, and occasionally (often) being accidentally drunk on whisky-wine.

Co-hosted by two best friends with a penchant for Dateline, Forensic Files, sarcasm, and murder (no, not actually committing murder!), Too Macabre Ladies offers cheeky, sometimes serious, and generally ill-advised musings for the criminally-intrigued among us.

Episodes are released each Friday. Out now on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play Music, TuneIn, SoundCloud, and more.

a note from p&l:

In the same way that serial killers rarely perform a "perfect" kill the first time, we are imperfect. Sometimes we realize our own blind spots or errors; sometimes we probably won't. If we're being "-ist" and don't see it, please let us know so we can address it. We're open to evolving our M.O.  This is important to us!

The Hosts & Co.

Porscha Maxine is the world's most accomplished shit-talker who writes beautiful things, thinks deeply, and gives voice as a woman of color to issues often overlooked in the criminal justice and true crime arenas. Resides in New Orleans, Louisiana. Hates plane crash stories.

Lisa Cummings is an offbeat introvert who accidentally collects stalkers and empty cat food cans (and can't seem to kick either habit.) Resides in Houston, Texas with her five cats. Spiritedly engages in “There, Fixed It!” -- hypothetically revising murder scenarios in search of the perfect crime -- whenever possible.

Patrick Norman is the wizard behind the curtain (our audio engineer) who transforms nonsensical mouth noises into brilliant, sorta funny, aurally-pleasing insights. 

The Fishbowel

"Fishbowel" is the type of once-in-a-lifetime stroke of genius for which they award Nobel prizes. Or something.

  • Leaving Kansas: If this crime took place 500 miles away, how might the outcome be different?
  • Twelve Angry Men: You are the lone juror holding out; convince the rest of the jury of your reasonable doubt. Tell that tale!
  • There, Fixed It: Tell that motherfucker what he did wrong; describe the "perfect" crime.
  • In the Stars: Dig deeper into the killer's astrological sign! 
  • Mirror, Mirror: Is there any particular element of this crime with which you identify? Admire? Abhor? Envy?
  • Soapbox: Need to rant? Climb on up!
  • Picture It: Tell the story as Sophia Petrillo, you dumb bacciagalupe.
  • Mind Your Ps & FUs: What socioeconomic factors wrecked the shit out of this situation?
  • Poetic Justice: Select an alternate punishment better suited to the circumstances.

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